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Synix Inc.

Synix Inc. is a Japan-based pharmaceutical marketing agency with special focus in two core business units geared to assist pharmaceutical companies in Japan: market assessment and e-marketing.  Established in 1998, Synix has a full-time team of 17 people in Japan.  Synix works with over 30 of the top 35 top pharmaceutical companies in Japan.

Market Assessment Business Unit (MABU)

Since 1998, MABU has provided support to pharmaceutical companies in Japan in two main areas:

Epidemiology / Forecasting

In addition to oncology, MABU also has experience in other therapeutic areas, including CNS, immunology, metabolic syndrome and rare diseases.  Markets covered are Japan, the U.S., Germany, France, the U.K., Spain and Italy, and recently, based on increasing client demand, MABU is now also providing support for pharma companies looking at the China market.

E-Marketing Division (EMD)

Since 1998, EMD has worked with pharmaceutical companies in Japan to help them communicate and develop relationships with target physicians through the use of state-of-the art e-marketing programs and activities.  In addition to original and leading global and Japanese medical news content, Synix also provides pharmaceutical companies with the following e-marketing services:

Medical copywriting (working with a dedicated team of experienced copywriters)
Content optimization support: helping clients effectively deliver their key messages to their target physician audiences
“Killer content” services – providing value-added and unique content by therapeutic area
Media services: for clients who wish to outsource content delivery, Synix will plan and execute e-mail newsletters, web sites and promotional materials for use by medical representatives

Synix's EMD services currently reach over 50,000 specialty physicians in Japan, and span more than 100 therapeutic indications.

Synix MedViews Inc.

Launched by Synix Inc. in June, 2009, Synix MedViews Inc. (SMI) focuses on in-bound primary market research.

Doctors Without Borders

Synix and Synix MedViews are proud sponsors of Doctors Without Borders